Health Care Delivery, Social Support, and Harm Reduction 

Health care around the world today is characterized by low standards and double standards. Those who are economically and socially marginalized frequently do not receive high quality health care or supportive services. AA&D is targeting this injustice through our infectious disease, social support, and harm reduction efforts. From the border between Mexico and US, to multiple partners along the Black sea coast, AA&D is advising and facilitating the design and rollout of comprehensive programs.


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Photo credit: Lorrie Graham

Eliminating TB through the Zero TB Initiative & Zero TB Cities Project

The Zero TB Initiative (ZTBI) and Zero TB Cities Project is working across the world to create islands of elimination with strong local partners in high-burden areas. We are committed to urgently ending TB by utilizing a proven, comprehensive, community-based care platform.



Helping to Establish the Best Care and Support Possible for New North Carolinians


AA&D, the Refugee Community Partnership (in Carrboro, NC), and the Center for New North Carolinians (Greensboro, NC) are working together under the Kenan-Biddle Partnership, to develop training materials that directly address the needs identified by refugee and relocated communities in central North Carolina. These materials will be shared widely, but will be used primarily by local organizations to assist these families as they build their new lives and navigate the resources that are available in the state.

AA&D Harm Reduction Center: Reversing the Opioid Overdose Epidemic

AA&D is working with partners across the harm reduction community to identify new ways to expand access to the life-saving drug naloxone, and to facilitate its timely and effective use. 

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