Improving access to lifesaving drugs

AA&D and the Lilly Global Health Partnership are leading a global initiative to map activities working to address supply and access challenges to second line drugs. The goal is to provide data on partnerships and projects to help inform decision-making, to understand programmatic overlaps where appropriate, take advantage of shared strengths, and improve areas where there are intervention gaps. AA&D worked on this project with faculty and students at Duke University, as well as the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.

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An Interactive Tool to Help Decision Making: TB Drug Atlas

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The TB Drug Access Atlas focuses on various market activities within the Internationally Quality Assured - Second Line Drugs (IQA-SLDs) landscape, giving users the ability to dive into multiple data areas across the site. 

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Visualizations help contextualize and bring data to life, and various selection features allow users to further interact with key information. 

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Key Market Indicators

Within the scope of the TB Drug Access Atlas, the following sub-categories were created to understand the range of activities performed by each entity, organization, or partnership. These are informed primarily by the frameworks set forth by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and the WHO to understand and address market dynamic issues in health systems contexts. These market indicators include:




Delivery Challenges




Market Incentives




Regimen Complexity


Regulatory Complexity