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Zero TB Deaths

Tell local, state, and national health officials that deaths from TB are unacceptable, and help build a people-powered movement to change this.

  • Improving TB detection: to fight the TB crisis in India, we need to first properly test those who have TB and get them on immediate treatment. Could your city or state TB program do a better job finding and diagnosing people with TB?
  • Treatment for MDR-TB: if TB patients are given the wrong drugs (and they frequently are), TB can not only remain untreated, but mutate into "multi-drug-resistant" forms of TB (MDR-TB) that are even harder to treat. Help ensure that doctors are providing patients with regular TB and MDR-TB with the correct drugs.
  • Treatment of Latent Infection: More than 40% of people in India are infected with TB, but the majority of these infections are latent. In order to prevent TB before it starts, call on your health officials to treat latent infection of TB
You can start campaigns elsewhere, but if you use this platform we will:

Help boost your campaign by promoting it to a network of TB activists.
Provide campaigns with advising on media, grassroots organizing, and more.
Offer support tailored to the unique challenges of TB campaigns.
— Ankur Astana