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Position opening will close on July 1, 2019 or upon hiring.


 Director of Operations and Media                                          Advance Access & Delivery, Inc. 501(c)(3)

AA&D is a global health non-profit founded in 2015 with programs and partners around the world focused on reducing early death and injury from preventable causes. AA&D utilizes a flexible horizontal management structure that is focused on equity and mutual accountability. As the organization transitions from start-up mode to more routinized operations and programs, a Director of Operations and Media is needed to build durable institutional infrastructure, craft communications tools and materials, and envision next steps as part of ongoing strategic planning for the organization. AA&D is an equal opportunity employer and promotes a diverse work environment. All AA&D workers must be willing to travel overseas and communicate regularly with partners around the world, including India, South Africa, Peru, or Russia.

Responsibilities for the Director of Operations and Media, located in Durham NC, include:

Management and oversight of operations in Durham and partner sites

·       Draft, update, and maintain grant agreements, draft scopes of work with consultants, advisors, and other vendors of services as needed

·       Oversee general program activity as it relates to available budget and actual expenditures for sub-contractors and partners as needed

·       Consult with partner organizations as they improve their workflow and scopes of work

Financial management, reporting and HR

·       Administer payroll, ACH management, invoice processing, and liaising with bank personnel as appropriate on investment strategy for cash deposits

·       Participate in budget strategy sessions with Executive Director, present to board as needed on budget and actual expenditures

·       Help AA&D establish competitive benefits package as it transitions from start-up to established non-profit for all full time staff

Community engagement

·       Lead process for creation of portal for webinars on existing partner projects, sharing evidence, backing documentation, etc. for presenting partners

·       If funding is secured, play critical role in design and ideation of portal for “Time bank” of experts providing technical assistance around the world, matching needs with technical skills and resources

·       Keep up to date with American Underground (AU), Durham community, and wider NC community

·       Identify opportunities for partnership, funding, and lesson-sharing in local context (eg. Opportunities to participate in local roundtables and town halls, present on specific or general programs to a class at Duke/UNC, facilitate meeting with local organization in adjacent or similar sphere of work, etc.)

Grant development in collaboration with AA&D team members and academic partners

·       Seek out funding opportunities from foundations and global funding mechanisms, as well as local, state, and national grant-making entities whose goals align with those of AA&D

·       Meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss identified funding streams, plan next steps for program development, and pursue selected funding opportunities

Media and scientific literature research, engagement

·       Review recent news articles, publications, scientific literature, etc. related to programs of AA&D and its partners

·       Engage with local or global media to share AA&D experience in the form of short- and long-form writing, documentary narrative, photo essays, etc. as appropriate and relevant to programs

AA&D media management and contributions

·       Maintenance of website and social media accounts (including twitter, linkedin, big top, etc.)

·       Copy editing for AA&D news pieces, strategy for their dissemination in collaboration with AA&D team members and partners

·       Manage schedule/timeline for consistent content creation around milestones, successes, and other events for AA&D programs

·       Create infographics, designs, and images for AA&D program documents (such as health promotion and awareness materials, communications documents, annual reports, etc.) in a supportive capacity alongside AA&D team members

·       Contribute to AA&D design package/annual reporting and that of partners organizations/alliances like Zero TB Initiative

General admin support

·       Support calls and conferencing coordination as needed

·       Liaise with landlords (AU or otherwise) to manage monthly rent, negotiate amenities included in monthly membership

·       Negotiate for new office space as AA&D grows and needs change

·       Help to keep other AA&D workers accountable to the standards of the organization, and be ready to be held similarly accountable


Commitment to social justice and the highest standard of health for all

Honesty, integrity, 2 strong references made available (1 professional, 1 personal)

Relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or equivalent training in financial administration, business administration and management, public administration, or non-profit management, combined with at least 7 years of experience in these areas included in responsibilities above


At least 10 years experience administering payroll, operations and business resources in the private sector (for-profit or non-profit), preferably for growing or new organizations, with a track record of success, accountability and flexibility.

Compensation will be commensurate with experience.