Access to Medicines

It is critical that high-quality, effective medicines are available to those who need them most. We are working with patient-centered programs in two key areas, firstly for tuberculosis (now the leading global infectious killer of adults) and secondly for opioid overdose (the leading cause of accidental death in US). Details below.


Drug Access Mapping

AA&D is working to build useful digital tools that map gaps around TB medicines, as well as naloxone, a life-saving opioid overdose reversal drug. 


Anti-TB Mapping

The TB Drug Access Atlas, which was released in 2017, focuses on Internationally Assured Second-Line Drugs (medicine to treat drug-resistant TB). It is a data-driven tool built with the goal to help inform decision-making, reduce programmatic redundancy where appropriate, take advantage of shared strengths, and address clear gaps in the areas of intervention where needed.

TB Drug access Atlas website coming soon

TB Drug access Atlas website coming soon

Naloxone Mapping

Like the TB Drug Access Atlas, we are looking at ways to make data on naloxone and opioid overdoses more readily available for those who need it. This data-driven tool will also inform policy makers, practitioners, pharmacists, activists and the harm reduction community in the fight to end the opioid epidemic in the United States. This project is currently under development.    

Naloxone access and opioid overdose data website under construction

Naloxone access and opioid overdose data website under construction


Drug Supply Chain Innovations


Innovations and Positive Disruptions in the Supply Chain for Second-Line Drugs
AA&D fully supports TB drug supply chain innovations. Key findings and evidence on this issue were presented and debated in the spring of 2015, when more than 63 experts convened for the Innovations and Positive Disruptions in the Supply Chain for Second-Line Drugs workshop hosted by the Harvard Medical School Center for Global Health Delivery – Dubai. This event was facilitated by AA&D's founding directors.

The workshop focused on innovations in the supply chain for second-line drugs, as well as new approaches to expand global access to second-line tuberculosis medication. This meeting brought together public health professionals, TB researchers, social entrepreneurs, clinicians, and policy-makers from over a dozen countries to discuss reforms and innovations to the global supply chain for second-line TB drugs.

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Responsive Drug Manufacturing, Linked to Care Delivery
AA&D is working to deliver global impact through a collaboration with the Drew Quality Group (DQG) as they build a more responsive and innovative generic drug manufacturing approach linked to patients and care providers.

This collaboration is developing a public interest, not-for-profit mechanism that will produce and assure responsible and timely utilization of drugs that are needed by vulnerable or marginalized groups in the US and worldwide.

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